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Vintage Theme Party Ideas

Welcome to Event Prop Hire's Vintage theme. Here you will find a selection of vintage themed props suitable for any number of events. If you need vintage wedding ideas or just a few retro props for a vintage themed party, take your time browsing our selection of props to hire. Highlights include our vintage 1920s car, old vintage Chesterfield sofas, giant gramaphone & 1920s telephones!

Vintage Theme Image

Prop code: TWE17 - Vintage Car Prop #1

Prop code: TWE27 - Vintage Car Prop #2

Prop code: VIN001 - Grandfather Clock Prop

Prop code: SN1134 - Vintage Brown Coffee Table

Prop code: FUR149 - Antique World Map Table #1

Prop code: TWE25 - Antique Gramophone

Prop code: FIL32 - Antique Globe Prop

Prop code: LE71 - Vintage Standing Lamp