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Event Gallery

Event Gallery & Testimonials

Welcome to Event Prop Hire’s Event Gallery, where you will find lots of images and testimonials from a selection of events on which we have worked. Simply click on a thumbnail to open up the gallery for that event.

Bond Theme

Feb 2018

Private Client

The sophisticated world of espionage really came to life with our props and Silhouette Panels used to great effect at this private Bond themed birthday party.

Winter Travel Theme

Dec 2017

Jagex Staff Christmas Party

In December 2017 we descended upon IWM Duxford to take the staff from Jagex Games Studios on a festive journey to the North Pole. Pulling inspiration form the fantastic aviation feature pieces of the museum, guests entered the event through a themed airport lounge, then on to a truly unique VIP boarding lounge complete with beautiful oxblood chesterfield furniture, customised coffee tables and elegant wingbacks, all nestled under the breathtaking beast that is Concord!!

Once the 'passengers' flight number was called they moved through the plane-filled hanger into a new mysterious space that was elegantly themed with a selection of flocked winter tress, LED birch trees, snow and sleighs and the blue colour-washed hanger was transformed into the magical North Pole! Several interactive themed areas were also introduced into the space in the way of an engaging themed selfie booth and not to forget Santa’s very own grotto, complete with customised stockings to give away!

Client Christmas Party

Dec 2017


In December 2017 the team were excited to join forces with globally recognised catering company BaxterStorey to help design, produce and install a unique and show stopping Christmas party for one of their central London clients!

The concept was designed to seek an escape from the dreary cold winter of the UK and take guests on a journey to the Tropics by creating a magically immersive space within the Westbourne Suite at the Lancaster Hotel, London

Within the fabulous ballroom we wanted to recreate the feel of travel and exploration by splitting out the large room into key areas; a Duty Free entrance space, Tropical Jungle chill out zone, Surf Shack beer tasting area, four catering stations, two Bar areas and an interactive photo area.

Alongside all of these themed spaces we worked closely with the production team to assist with the bespoke creation of a themed stage to take pride and place in the centre of the main event space.

Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

What an amzing series Strictly Come Dancing 2017 was! And we were delighted that once again lots of our props were used alongside the amazing lighting effects and beautiful costumes to help complement the dance action.

Take a look through the gallery to see a selection of our props that were used on the show.


Aug 2017

Iconic 1980’s memorabilia inspired props helped to create an authentic and vibrant space for this private birthday, transforming a marquee in the client's garden. Party guests were transported back in time to a London 1980's night club.

"Event Prop Hire delivered quality props for this luxurious and authentic styled event. The 80's themed party was a huge hit and everyone had a fantastic time at the party. Thank you Event Prop Hire for helping us to create this fabulous private event," Julia Brewer.

Mirage Parties

Sep 2017

For the 6th year running Event Prop Hire had the pleasure of working with Jagex Games Studio and Mulitplay Events to design and build the annual RuneScape fan convention, RuneFest. Returning to Battersea Evolution for the second year, we had the brief to completely transform the blank canvas venue space to immerse the community into the world of RuneScape. Having held the convention at Battersea Evolution the previous this year we had the new challenge of ensuring this familiar space looked completely different to the popular 2016 event, installing new feature builds and manipulating the exploration and journey of the players in an all new and exciting way.

In order to achieve this we decided to transport the community back to the very beginning and recreate the popular in-game map to explore first hand; including in-game sounds and iconic features. The initial challenge this presented us with was to create instantly recognisable reference points allowing players to understand the story as soon as they entered the event space. To achieve this we identified a common feature that ran through the map; the River Lum, which serves several settlements/regions connected by seven  bridges, two of which we brought to life within the event space.

Now we had our iconic central point we moved onto incorporating the functional areas of the event into the associated themed towns and spaces. As players entered the event they were welcomed by the trading town of Lumbridge, chosen as this area is linked to the River Lum by the fishing trade and is one of the default re-spawn points, so having the players starting their journey there seemed perfect. Lumbridge is also key to the game as this area houses gates and entranceways that lead through to other cities, such as Zanaris and Al Kharid which would lend themselves well to our player journey.

Another key element to the event that contributed to the navigated journey of players was the various skill chip activities that year on year we immerse into the event to encourage movement and adventure.  This year we chose skill chip activities to suit key iconic areas and true to life in-game challenges; they consisted of the cooks assistant skill in Lumbridge Mill, taking a selfie with the Dramen staff to access Zanaris and digging for bones in the Swamp.  By utilising the multiple in-game areas we were able to build pockets for varying themed spaces, perfectly leading from one to the other as we told the magical story of RuneScape.

Props in this scene:

Jul 2017

Designed and installed in-house at Event Prop Hire, this private Wizard of Oz themed party provided a perfect showcase for some of our rustic props.


May 2017

This private Superhero & Villains party looked absolutely amazing and we were delighted to provide some of our props to help set the scene for the evening.

Props in this scene:

Jun 2017

The annual college ball organisers took an eclectic mix of props this year and we think they looked great!

"Thank you all so much for your help in the design of Jesus College May Ball! The props were fantastic and really made the ball so much more memorable."

Props in this scene:

Apr 2017

A Rat Pack theme was chosen for this stunning private event and our film strips, silhouette panels and themed furniture really helped to set the scene.


RuneFest 2016

Sep 2016


We're proud to say we've worked for a number of years with Jagex Games Studio on their annual RuneScape event; a fantastic one day community single game convention. RuneFest always promises to be an exciting event for new and existing fans of the game and 2016 promised to be the same. When their event management partner Multiplay briefed us we were, as always, delighted to help. With an annual event it is especially important to continually re-invent and push the boundaries creatively, something we love to do, to satisfy a die-hard audience who attend the event every year and will always expect it to be bigger and better each time.

The key challenges for 2016 were to design a space that captured the essence of the new game areas being launched in the game: Arc Islands, in this case. To successfully bring the game to life it had to be an immersive, atmospheric, imaginative and interactive experience to really create a sense of excitement and anticipation for visitors that would lead to future purchase of the game. There was the additional challenge of needing to source a new venue that would work for the event on a number of different levels - capacity, access, design, status and location.

The team at Event Prop Hire worked alongside Multiplay from early stage planning and event design through to design and installation, which meant we could really deliver on a dynamic experience and the best creative solution to achieve the event objectives.

“Runefest 2016 was one of our largest projects in 2016, and Event Prop Hire played a massive role in delivering the event for our client right from the initial stages of the event. Event Prop Hire were part of the core team for this event, and assisted in every stage of the planning of the show, right from initial site visits of the new venue, all the way through to designing and building some of the most incredible live event sets we’ve ever had at a Multiplay event. Their ability to communicate with the client directly and truly understand their needs when building up a creative narrative for the show, as well as designing truly breathtaking end results make Event Prop Hire a truly unique partner in delivering large scale events. From the work Event Prop Hire did at Runefest 2016, the event was shortlisted for the Best Visual Spectacular at the 2017 Event Production Awards.”

Josh Winward, Multiplay