Rustic Log Entranceway with Spikes

Product Code: SN5370

This Rustic Log Entranceway with Spikes is super versatile because not only is it available in two heights, it also works perfectly as a striking entrance to many of our most popular themes.

Try adding this bold Rustic Log Entranceway with Spikes to your Apres Ski, Bavarian, Medieval, Jungle themed events it works fabulously within all these themes. It is sculpted to look like rustic logs, painted by our super talented team. There is the option to have this Rustic Log Entranceway  in a 2.9 metre and 3.2 metre height.

Please ask a member of our Sales team for more information about the options with this entranceway.

Height (mm) 2930
Width (mm) 3200
Depth (mm) 970
Weight (kg)

* more may be available on request

Quantity Held: 1

Quantity Held: 1

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