EPH Creative production department and facilities are housed in our 145,000 sq ft studio. We have state of the art equipment and an amazing team of experienced professionals.

Quality is something that drives us. Our skilled artists and fabricators at EPH Creative are the best at what they do. We have a proven track record of diverse projects, ranging across various build sizes from high-end one-off products right through to consistent quality batch productions.

Here are the production services we offer



The Sculpting department at EPH Creative is one of our largest departments with a very diverse range of output.

Our skilled sculptors are able to cross into varying different styles and artistic disciplines. We can produce realistic humans and animals as well as fantasy characters and animation inspired builds. We can produce abstract and contemporary art inspired sculptures or super-slick 3D logos, lettering and oversized product mockups.

Basically there is no limit to what we can sculpt and the forms we can create. Size is not an issue either. We can work extremely big or very small, whatever the design requires! We also have a sculpting CNC mill and a Hotwire CNC which aid manufacture and increase accuracy. This means we are able to recreate any 3D files that you may have, using them as a starting point.

Joinery & Woodwork

Our joinery department is full of creative problem solvers and diversely skilled woodworkers.

We can produce anything from full scale sets and themed fit outs right through to bespoke furniture and high level carpentry. Our woodwork team are not only just talented bench joiners but also a key part of our on-site installation team. We are able to provide on site joinery services on all the projects we are part of.

What makes our woodwork team special is their versatility and diverse knowledge. They have a part to play in most of our builds and projects. Sometimes this for structural elements, so care is taken to ensure functionality and safety, other times they are providing the final product, meaning the finish must be neat and tidy, ready for painting or staining. With any approach, quality and care is at the forefront of the department.

Scenic Painting and Finishing
From wide colour effects right through to the finer details, our painting is on point.

A lot of work goes into building the base product and this is all brought to life by the scenic painting and finishing that we produce. This can range from painting large installations with consistency and a uniformed vision but also the expert finish of a centrepiece like a sculpture or character.

We can work for a full range of painting styles and can accurately translate concepts and designs into exciting finishes. We can produce vibrant and bold effects or create realistic and detailed finishes. They are a very creative team and are always learning and practising new techniques. Their knowledge, combined with our spray booth facilities means we can get that super crisp simple finish but also authentic and realistic themed finishes.

Our team can easily work to concept visuals or specific defined colour schemes from systems such as RAL or BS paints. They have the diversity and knowledge to take complex aesthetic designs and make them a reality.

Surface Finish
We are surface finish specialists and can guide you along the varying options we can offer for your project or build.

Some of our projects focus solely on woodwork, where the finish tends to simply result in painting or staining which is then protected by a suitable lacquer. However, for a lot of our builds, which are sometimes more organic we might use materials such as foam or polystyrene as a base. These are soft and susceptible to damage so we provide various surface finish options.

The main two durable surface finishes we offer are GRP & Fibreglass and Plastic Spray Coating. These both have their pros and cons but we understand the processes and their limitations. We also offer lower budget options that can strengthen these soft base materials enough for temporary applications. We are experts in this field so you can trust us to provide you with suitable options for your projects and builds.

Fibreglass / GRP
Part of our surface finish department, we can produce high quality and complex fibreglass models and structures.

We have experience working with a full range of fibreglass finishes and techniques. We can achieve that super smooth end result or that realistic recreation of texture.

We fully understand the materials and have comprehensive knowledge of GRP processes. This means it’s not just the aesthetics that we understand but also the creation of strength with this material as well as combining it with other materials.

Plastic Spray Coating
Our plastic spray coating team is highly skilled. They spray the plastic over a base material, encapsulating it within.

Another very popular surface finish we offer is what we call plastic spray coating. This is part of our state of the art facilities and is a dual component spray system that combines liquid polyurea plastic with a catalyst in a hot pressurised system.

Our plastic spray coating team is highly skilled. They spray the plastic over a base material, encapsulating it within. The liquid plastic hardens very quickly to provide a tough and durable skin that is also slightly flexible and resistant to impact. This can be used over almost any base material, because of its durability and speed of finish, we use it a lot for polystyrene sculptures but also over woodwork when needed.

Mould Making & Casting
This can be a great way to produce replicas, whether you just need 10 or even a thousand, this is a tried and trusted production method.

Sometimes when a project requires multiples of the same object, we may need to create a mould, which allows us to create copies. To do this, first we create a master, which is a version of what we want to replicate. This is coated with silicone and sometimes fibreglass which fills the negative spaces around the object. This is split up and supported to create the mould, then the master is removed to leave the positive space. Various materials can then be used inside of the mould to create the copies, this is called casting. We tend to use materials such as hard, rubbery or spongy plastics as well as fibreglass / GRP for larger or structural models.

We have used this production method for years in many projects, especially EPH Creative rental stock builds. We also provide a rotational moulding and casting service. This is where we use a machine to rotate the mould after we have put in the casting material. The main purpose of this is to reduce material cost as it allows you to cast a hollow replica with a thin plastic wall instead of a solid one.

Metal Work
As with all of our production teams, our metalwork department is both creative and adaptable.
Some of the things we build require the strength that can only come from metal. Our skilled metal fabricators use a diverse array of techniques to ensure quality and accuracy. Even if it’s metalwork that’s within a sculpture or hidden away you can be sure that it’s strong and correct.

We have a team of experienced electrical technicians at EPH Creative.  From building showstopping props to delivering high-profile touring events.  They have over 30 years of experience in the events industry!

Our team have a diverse background of events and production which gives us the knowledge we need to guide you. Reliability is important to us in everything electrical that we create, this comes second only to safety which is always a focus. All builds and projects with electrics are always thoroughly checked and follow any required guidelines as standard.

Fabrics & Upholstery

As with all of our production teams, fabrics and upholstery department is both creative and adaptable.

Some of the things we build require the strength that can only come from metal. Our skilled metal fabricators use a diverse array of techniques to ensure quality and accuracy. Even if it’s metalwork that’s within a sculpture or hidden away you can be sure that it’s strong and correct.
Site Art Direction & Styling
We understand that it’s not just about providing the designs and products. We understand your vision, developing the look and feel, but we are also there with you on site.
Our team of stylists are there to provide on-site art direction, ensuring everything looks it best. They work closely with our designers, providing their expertise to help bring everything together. From a contemporary fashion look right through to immersive themed environments, they provide balance to the overall layout, as well as ensuring those finer details and dressing are present throughout. This is extremely important in creating unforgettable visual experiences.
Installation & Activation
We are there with you on install day, providing a straightforward and worry free service.
Our install team comes prepared and knows exactly what the project entails. They are experienced with working on a full range of sites. They are adaptable and will ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Transport & Delivery
Our delivery team are highly experienced and very professional, delivering to thousands of events each year, all over the UK and Europe.

We have a huge fleet of vans, they stand out and we now it! We can personally offer transport from our warehouse. The EPH Creative team have a well known reputation for being the best at what they do. The design team at EPH Creative are responsible for the amazing fleet of themed event prop hire vans.

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