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4mtr Colour Changing LED Bar

Product Code: BAR40

Colour changing LED bar for hire.

This is a stunning LED Colour Changing  Bar; the perfect addition to any themed event!

The bar has the ability to scroll, flash and fade through different colour combinations, or it can be set to any static colour, enhancing the atmosphere of your themed event. And, if you fancy a change of colour half way though your event then you can easily change the colour of the bar!

This bar draws 700 watts of power – of particular importance to exhibition hall customers.

We are also happy to offer clients the facility to brand the bar front panels with company logos etc. for a small additional charge; simply speak to a member of  the sales team for further information.


Height (mm) 1100mm
Width (mm) 4000mm
Depth (mm) 4000mm
Weight (kg)

* more may be available on request

Quantity Held: 1

Quantity Held: 1

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