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Seaside Themed Gala Dinner 2018

We enjoyed designing this annual Gala Dinner for clients Broker Network.

The brief was Victorian Seaside encompassing the traditional British seaside elements we all know and love. Our creative team put together a floorplan to help design the immersive space using lots of our fabulous seaside props.

There was also a massive bespoke element to this event as the areas in the room were sponsored by different companies, so it was key  in the brief to include lots of products that could incorporate company branding and logos into the event design. The sponsorship areas included a deckchair seating area, nautical bar and fairground games including;coconut shy, hook a duck, customisable peep thru board.

We love this theme and so happy that our key seaside props; donkey, seagulls and rowing boat were a huge success with everyone. From the feedback and pictures below, it looks like this theme was a hit and the fairground games kept the guests entertained all night.

“The props were fantastic and our guests absolutely loved the themed evening and the funfair games. All of the prizes went and they were used the whole night, a very different kind of event for them but something I think we shall repeat! Your team were fabulous setting up and de-rigging, having someone place the props and set them up for me was such a massive help”

Credit: Broker Network