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Welcome to our Arabian themed props. These props will look great at an Arabian Nights party and help to create the perfect atmosphere!

Arabian Theme Image

Prop code: SCN19 - Phoenix Palm Tree

Prop code: SCN43 - Kentia Palm Tree

Prop code: SCN02 - Bamboo Plant

Prop code: SCN44 - Pandanus Cactus Plant

Prop code: SCN47 - Spiked Tropical Plant

Prop code: SCN114 - Tropical Tree

Prop code: SCN116 - Giant Traveller Palm Tree

Prop code: SCN118 - Small Traveller Palm Tree

Prop code: SCN117 - Replica Orange Tree

Prop code: FUR219 - Rustic Wooden Chair

Prop code: FUR221 - Rustic Wooden Tub Chair

Prop code: FUR222 - Rustic Wooden Table