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Box Hedge Topiary Seating FR

Product Code: SN4572

Our Box Hedge Topiary Seating is a both practical and eye catching for your event! This seating works perfectly for any Alice in Wonderland, Midsummer Nights Dream and Enchanted Forest themed event and more.

They can be arranged individually, in continuous lines, in a formal pattern or why not use our Box Hedge Topiary seating to create a maze and keep your guest entertained? We also have our Topiary Box Hedge Entranceway, Box Hedge Cube Single Seater and Giant Flowers which work fantastically alongside our Box Hedge Topiary Seating.

The Box Hedge is packaged in a bag that is attached and stored under the hedging. Simply pull this out and over the hedging to protect it during transit.

Height (mm) 500
Width (mm) 1090
Depth (mm) 330
Weight (kg)

* more may be available on request

Quantity Held: 60

Quantity Held: 60

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