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Bohemian Painted Metal Suitcase – Single Piece

Product Code: SN1085

Bohemian Painted Metal Suitcase for hire.

Suitable for any Travel, Festival or Boho themed party night or event, our distressed metal suitcases will give your themed event the dressing and decor required to help create a fantastic look. These suitcases open and have a lovely vintage hand painted finish, each with a slightly different design.

Please note that the price quoted is per suitcase and that each suitcase varies in design and size and is rustic and distressed in nature. It is not possible for you to specify a particular design.

Height (mm) Varies (180 - 240mm approx)
Width (mm) Varies (550 - 670mm approx)
Depth (mm) Varies (320 - 420mm approx)
Weight (kg)

* more may be available on request

Quantity Held: 7

Quantity Held: 7

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