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A – Team Silhouette Panel

Product Code: EIG09

Illuminated silhouette panel prop of the A-Team, an iconic 80’s TV show loved by all.

Depicting ladies man, Templeton Peck AKA Faceman, crazy fool Mad Howling Murdock, scared of flying and laden in gold, BA Baracus and finally, the mastermind, Hannibal. This silhouette panel would be pefect for your 80’s party night.

All our silhouette panels come supplied with lighting.

Please note that lighting colour may vary from that shown.  All Parcan lights have a 1m lead and it is the responsibility of the client to provide extension leads if longer leads are required.

Price quoted includes one supplied light.

We offer a customised version of this product here

Height (mm) 2460mm
Width (mm) 1220mm
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)

* more may be available on request

Quantity Held: 1

Quantity Held: 1

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