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Outdoor Events

We provide everything you need to create an inviting outdoor space that is safe and fun.

Take your events outdoors

With outdoor restrictions loosening, we see the future of outdoor events being very popular.

Venues, Restaurant, Bars and Pubs are preparing to open but with strict social distancing rules still in place, finding a way to do this safely is key. We have the solutions to create fabulous additional seating areas, extend your outdoor spaces and whilst safety is crucial, keeping your venue looking fabulous so guests can enjoy is also super important.

Outdoor Furniture

Creating inviting outdoor seating areas that people can sit in their small bubbles is key in the next steps of social gatherings.

With our extensive range of furniture, we have all you need to create a fabulous outdoor seating area that is safe and fun.

Fences, Screens & Dividers

We have become accustomed to a new way of queuing and interacting with people, which is why we have looked at ways we can achieve social distancing but make it look fabulous.

Our large range of fences, screens, barriers, and theming are great to cordon seating areas and creating queueing systems.

Pop Up Bars

We have a great range of bars that are super easy to put together and would be a great solution to add to your venue or outdoor space to be able to maximise business whilst social distancing is in place.

Great Outdoor Theme Ideas

All our fabulous themes would work perfectly outside but there are just some that we think lend themselves to being outdoors.

Whether you are creating an Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea party or wanting a relaxed festival vibe here are top picks for great outdoor themes.






Alice in Wonderland


English Country Garden


British Pub

Our Outdoor Events Gallery

We love supplying to your outdoor events here is an example of some of outdoor products in situ.

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