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Beauty & the Beast

Welcome to our Beauty & the Beast themed prop hire section containing lots of lovely fairytale props to create fantastic theming for your Beauty & the Beast themed event. So whether you are looking for a beautiful Fairytale Rose in a Glass Dome, a Giant Teacup or a Castle Entrance, Event Prop Hire can supply all the props you need for an amazing Beauty & the Beast themed event.

Beauty & the Beast Theme Image

Prop code: SN1335 - Fairytale Book Entranceway

Prop code: VIN002 - Vintage Wall Clock

Prop code: CAN10 - Gold Candelabra Table Centre

Prop code: ALC35 - Giant China Teacup White

Prop code: SN1086 - Castle Entrance

Prop code: MDL23 - Medieval Tower

Prop code: SN1822 - Castle Turret Coffee Table

Prop code: SN1274 - Castle Wall Backdrop

Prop code: LE24 - Crystal Chandelier

Prop code: SCN217 - Ornate Welcome Sign On Plinth

Prop code: ALP14 - Rustic Stone Fireplace