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Welcome to our Arabian themed props. These props will look great at an Arabian Nights party and help to create the perfect atmosphere!

Arabian Theme Image

Prop code: FUR223 - Rustic Wooden Low Table

Prop code: FUR224 - Rustic Wooden Round Stool

Prop code: FUR225 - Rustic Wooden Block Stool

Prop code: FUR227 - Rustic Goat Skin Stool (Small)

Prop code: FUR226 - Rustic Goat Skin Stool (Tall)

Prop code: FUR229 - Rustic Wooden Table (large)

Prop code: FUR220 - Rustic Wooden Bench

Prop code: FUR318 - Large Carved Wooden Table

Prop code: TWE21 - Art Deco Palm Tree Cutout

Prop code: TWE07 - Art Deco Palm Tree

Prop code: TBL83 - Decorative Elephant (small)

Prop code: FRM24 - Giant Rustic Driftwood Frame