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Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Looking for Alice in Wonderland Party ideas? Our Alice in Wonderland Decorations &  themed prop hire party section contains Alice in Wonderland props to hire suitable for any Alice in Wonderland Party. We've got great event theming party supplies for your event, including giant white rabbits, giant cupcakes and fantastic table centre! Be sure to also check out our new Vintage Ideas Theme!

Alice in Wonderland Theme Image

Prop code: SCN26 - Giant Daisy

Prop code: SCN74 - Giant Tulip Prop

Prop code: SCN73 - Giant Sunflower Prop

Prop code: SCN60 - Enchanted Bell Flower Prop

Prop code: SCN59 - Enchanted Pink Flower Prop

Prop code: SCN58 - Enchanted Rose Flower Prop

Prop code: SCN57 - Enchanted White Flower Prop

Prop code: SCN121 - Enchanted Orchid Flower Prop

Prop code: SCN122 - Enchanted Gerbera Flower Prop

Prop code: SCN54 - Peep Thru Enchanted Flower

Prop code: SCN56 - Peep Thru Enchanted Flower 3

Prop code: SCN55 - Peep Thru Enchanted Flower 2