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Here are some things you should know:

  • In order to deliver and collect to events in Europe our minimum spend on props and furniture is £3,000 on props and furniture
  • Delivery and Collection prices vary dependent upon event location but start at  £2,000
  • You are welcome to collect from our UK warehouse and arrange your own transport for orders over £500

If you think your event will meet these requirements, please contact our sales team on 01937 222 777 or complete our event enquiry form.


We are a UK based company. We do supply to some areas of Europe, however, we do not generally supply our goods and services outside of Europe for the following reasons:

  • As we are a rental company all of our props are delivered from and collected & returned to the UK. Transit by sea can often mean a shipping duration (delivery and collection) of several weeks and rental of the props during this time period is payable by the customer.  Therefore, for many locations outside of the UK, this can be very expensive.
  • It is not possible to supply any of our products via air freight.
  • Some countries restrict the import of products which contain wood. This can cause problems as many of our items contain wood, so not all products can be exported.

If we were to look at supplying an event outside of Europe we would require a minimum spend on props and/or furniture outside of mainland Europe of $15,000 USD, in addition to shipping costs which start at $10,000 USD.

Therefore, if your event has a budget for props and shipping in excess of this total of $25,000 USD then we may be able to assist you. Please contact us via email on enquiries@eventprophire.com or complete our event enquiry form.

Please note:

  • All items are subject to availability.
  • We may require a deposit to cover the value of the items until they are returned to the UK.
  • All import taxes and administration costs are payable by the customer.

Unfortunately we are unable to recommend any other similar suppliers outside of the UK. 

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