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Theme Pallet Packages

Theme Pallet Packages are perfect choice to add a little something extra to your next party @ home

Celebrations at Home

Whether it is special occasion or family reunion, children’s birthday party or you are missing out on your Summer holiday. Our Theme Pallet Packages are a great budget option to add a touch of theming or furniture to your home or garden.

How does it work?

Step 1. Choose your Pallet Package Theme

Step 2. Click Enquire Now and Fill out Your Details.

Step 3. We will send you Booking Form. With total package cost. If you are happy, sign and pay.

Step 4. The Theme Pallet Package will arrive, unpack with our easy use guide.

Step 5. Enjoy, celebrate, and make memories.

Theme Pallet


Choose from our selection of Theme Pallet Packages below


We are all missing out on our beach holidays this year. So why not bring that touch of holiday to your home or garden. Palms trees, tropical flowers, and beautiful soft furnishings. The Caribbean packages has enough seating for 8 people and includes some twinkly lighting so your party can go on into the evening.

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Movie Night

Invite friends and family to a movie screening with a difference. Give your guests the VIP treatment by entering via a red carpet walkway. Write the movie start time and movie choice on our customisable clapperboard and sit back and relax on our beanbags or directors chairs. Our Movie Night Pallet Package seats 8 people.

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With the festival season put on hold until 2021, many of us are missing out on our favourite festivals this year. Our Festival package includes seating for 8 people and is great choice for an outdoor garden party.

Celebrate with family and friends, in the comfort of your own garden and keep those festival memories alive.

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Alice Tea Party

“It is always tea time” host your very own Mad Hatters tea party with our Alice in Wonderland pallet packages. Welcome your guests to magical and colourful world of Alice with Giant Flower Displays and Sweet Treats. Pair our Alice props with cake and tea for the perfect garden party setting.

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Have a theme in mind but cannot see a pallet package available?

We are always looking to develop new theme pallet packages.

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