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London Tube Station Entranceway

Product Code: BRT54

Event Prop Hire have gone all ‘street’ with this representation of a typical London Underground tube station entranceway.

Made from a mixture of timber and acrylic sprayed up to look like rustic metal, this entranceway will blow the minds of your guests as they ponder how you have got away with ‘alf-hinchin’ such a prominent feature from the street outside!

The underground entrance will be supplied flat-packed, in easy to fit together pieces. NO tools are required, only two enthusiastic event organisers!

We also offer a customisable version of this product that allows a printed sign on both sides of this entranceway.

Please note that this prop is not supplied with any kind of heavy machinery to aid the construction of an actual tunnel or staircase under the venue floor. (Sorry, we’re good, but not that good!)



Height (mm) 2800mm
Width (mm) 2800mm
Depth (mm) 700mm
Weight (kg) 50Kg when built up

* more may be available on request

Quantity Held: 1

Quantity Held: 1

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