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About to turn 18?

Due to celebrate your 18th birthday this month? Eek, so are we!

If, like us, you first came to be in the early noughties – we launched our business on January 23, 2003 – we take our hat off to you for being born in one of the most exciting eras to date.

A decade that’s famous for Harry Potter, Guitar Hero and Kylie Minogue in those tighter than tight gold ‘Spinning Around’ hotpants, 2003 and beyond was an absolute riot.

Your early years may have incorporated the best decade, but 2021 and your ‘coming of age’ year deserves to be just as special – and memorable.

At Event Prop Hire, we’ve ensured thousands of 18th birthdays go with a bang – and we’re about to talk you through the top five party themes. Why? We may currently be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a ‘party’ with those in your immediate household. Read on…

Okay, so you can’t actually jet off to Ibiza for your 18th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some rough plans in place for when you can – and you know it’s going to be the best belated 18th birthday yet if you are fortunate to board a plane and head to the party isle.

In the meantime, slather on some fake tan (if that’s your thing), grab your favourite denim shorts and crop top ensemble and get your mum/dad/sister/brother to whip you up a mojito.

Then, take to the ‘gram and snap some Insta-worthy pictures while you live it up Ibiza style with your old man on the decks. Or something like that.

If your Dad mimicking David Guetta sounds a bit cringe, you could instead host an online, Ibiza-themed fancy dress party and encourage everyone to turn up in Ibiza-esque face paint, statement headwear or a neon swimsuit. Whatever floats your (party) boat.

When the time comes, you can pull out all the stops and throw an Ibiza-themed party like no other – with a proper DJ.

You’ve seen the movies…now make like you’re in your very own. Okay, so you’re at home watching Corrie with your mum and dad but who says you can’t dress up to do so?

Hollywood Glam is a big 18th birthday party theme – and for good reason. Everyone has a favourite film star – and everyone will relish the chance to dress up as them.

Picture a glitzy ball room, with feather-topped table decorations, directors’ chairs for your guests and a retro photobooth for everyone to show off their gowns and tuxes. Perfect! You can do all that and more when the time is right.

For now, you can eat canapes in your ball gown and faux pearls while you indulge in homemade cottage pie in front of the telly.

Think how big a party the UK and US festivals will be when the pandemic is over. But you don’t have need a festival budget to throw a festival-inspired party – and you can put some loose plans in place to throw a do when the restrictions are lifted.

If you’re due to celebrate your 18th this summer, you may find small gatherings are back on the agenda (who knows?) and you may be able to invite some friends round for a festival-inspired garden party.

Create a Coachella-inspired playlist, compile a guest list and consider having ‘acts’ on your very own mainstage: your Dad on the spoons, you on the vocals…your mates as backing dancers. What a laugh!

Did someone say pina colada?! Your tiki-style party will be the most talked-about 18th birthday for years to come – who cares if it’s a little belated?

After all, you can have a smaller bash on your actual 18th and a huge do when restrictions are fully lifted. Two birthday celebrations? Why ever not?!

Think Hawaiian-style floral garlands, grass skirts and drinks in coconuts for plenty of Insta-worthy photo opportunities.

Want to be a diva for the day? Who doesn’t? Hey, it’s your 18th birthday, after all.

Create an explosion of all things pink to your 18th birthday celebrations, with pastel colours, Love Heart sweets, pink cocktails and an array of pink grub. Yum.

Gear up for the big event – which can happen as soon as the rules allow – by hosting a smaller, online themed do for your friends and family. Just make sure everyone turns up in pink – it’s the rules.

Whatever you do and however you celebrate, we wanted to wish you a fantastic 18th birthday, from the whole team here at Event Prop Hire.

We’ll be raising a glass on January 23 to our team and the thousands of events we’ve all pulled together to host over the years – and we hope you have a great day celebrating your own coming of age, too.

Like us, is your workplace due to celebrate its 18th birthday? Our ‘Stay Inn’ pub experience ThemeBoxes may be just the thing to help you mark the occasion. Featuring craft ales, gourmet nibbles and more, they’re the perfect way to boost morale by cheering up your employees – whether they’re working from home or in the office.

Keen to throw a huge corporate do when you can? Get in touch to see how we can help you transform your office or a party venue when parties are very much back on the agenda.

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