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Welcome to our Superheroes themed prop hire section. We have some fantastic lifesize figures, prop rocks and furniture, so take a look below for a wide range of Superhero props, which would all look fantastic at any Superheroes themed event or party; please call one of the team to discuss your Superhero themed requirements.

Superheroes Theme Image

Prop code: SPR46 - Life-size Iron Man 3D

Prop code: SPR41 - Life-size Batman 3D

Prop code: SPR45 - Life-size Hulk 3D

Prop code: SPR42 - Life-size Superman 3D

Prop code: SPR40 - Life-size Spiderman 3D

Prop code: SPR44 - Life-size Joker 3D

Prop code: SPR43 - Life-size Captain America 3D

Prop code: SN1273 - Life-size Thor 3D

Prop code: ENT74 - Cinema Front Entranceway

Prop code: SN1608 - Life-size 3D Darth Maul