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Sherlock Holmes Themed Props

If you want to create an eclectic, vintage styled themed event then look no further than Sherlock Holmes as your inspiration!  We've got an extensive range of props to hire that would really help to create the Sherlock 'look', so whether you want props to re-create 221B Baker Street or to represent his London stomping ground we've got the lot!

Sherlock Holmes Theme Image

Prop code: SN3182 - Baker Street Street Light

Prop code: ALC45 - Giant 3D Pocket Watch (Gold)

Prop code: SN1649 - Small Fireplace #3

Prop code: FUR433 - Gentleman's Desk

Prop code: FIL179 - Desktop Drawers

Prop code: FIL61 - Replica Bookcase

Prop code: SN1257 - Traditional Wooden Bookcase

Prop code: HPR01 - Giant Stack of Books