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Our At the Seaside Theme Prop Hire Section contains great Seaside themed props to hire. From a Pier Entrance way to penny arcades, victorian peep shows & donkey rides, we can create a great Traditonal Seaside Themed Event for you.

Seaside Theme Image

Prop code: BAR76 - Nautical Seaside Bar

Prop code: SN1170 - Wooden Sign Seaside Montage

Prop code: BAR78 - Luxury Beach Bar

Prop code: ATS93 - Punch & Judy Booth

Prop code: ATS91 - Driftwood Welcome Sign

Prop code: FAD35 - Ice Cream Van Front

Prop code: PRT32 - Beach Walkway

Prop code: SN1145 - Driftwood Carpet Walkway