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Our Back to School themed prop hire section containiS a range of Back to School themed props to hire that blow the competition away.Event Prop Hire is the #1 place to meet all your Back to School themed event prop rental needs.

School Theme Image

Prop code: BTS01 - Giant Ruler

Prop code: BTS03 - Giant Pencil

Prop code: BTS05 - Giant School Desk and Chair

Prop code: BTS10 - Back to School Hanging Canvas

Prop code: BTS07 - Giant Hopscotch Cutout

Prop code: EIG41 - Giant Digital Watch

Prop code: BTS08 - Giant School Tie Cutout

Prop code: EIG23 - Giant Rubik's Cube

Prop code: BTS23 - Oversized School Coat Rack

Prop code: GAM12 - Retro Football Table

Prop code: BTS14 - Wooden School Gym Bench

Prop code: BTS09 - Life Size Bikeshed