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A-HOY there! Our Pirate themed prop hire section is where you will find all our buried treasure. Whether it's Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island styling you are looking for, our wide range of pirate themed props are available to suit your every need. So come on board with our pirate theme and begin your pirate adventure with Event Prop Hire.

Pirate Theme Image

Prop code: PRT21 - Pirate Ship Mast

Prop code: PRT03 - Cannon

Prop code: PRT16 - Set of Cannon balls

Prop code: PRT36 - Cannon Balls & Rope

Prop code: PRT30 - Jack Sparrow Pirate Figure

Prop code: SN1667 - Vintage Wagon Wheel

Prop code: NCL03 - Ship's Wheel

Prop code: ATS94 - Rowing Boat Coffee Table