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English Country Garden

Come to our garden party!  With topairy twists,  impressive fountains, box hedge seating and ornate stone effect gates our English Country Garden themed props are quintessentially English.

English Country Garden Theme Image

Prop code: SCN71 - Replica Birch Tree

Prop code: SN3050 - Cedar Tree - Tall

Prop code: SN3051 - Cedar Tree - Small

Prop code: SCN72 - Replica Oak Tree

Prop code: SN2051 - Replica Oak Tree - 8ft

Prop code: SCN151 - Autumn Leaf Tree

Prop code: SCN193 - Replica Maple Tree

Prop code: SCN110 - Blossom Tree

Prop code: SCN169 - Blossom Tree - Compact

Prop code: SCN223 - Giant LED Willow Tree

Prop code: SCN224 - Giant LED Maple Leaf Tree

Prop code: SN2766 - Giant LED Red Maple Leaf Tree