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Theme your American party with some fantastic USA inspired props from Event Prop Hire. We've loads of props to hire that will help you to recreate the feel of differene areas across the USA, from New York to California, or Florida to Texas, we've got some great American themed props to hire for your American themed event.

American Theme Image

Prop code: AMR10 - Yellow Taxi Cab

Prop code: AMR12 - Statue of Liberty - 8ft

Prop code: AMR11 - 5ft 3d Statue of Liberty

Prop code: AMR18 - American Traffic Light Prop

Prop code: AMR09 - Walk Dont Walk Light

Prop code: AMR08 - Giant Uncle Sam

Prop code: FIF15 - Giant Hamburger Prop

Prop code: FIF04 - Giant Ice cream Sundae Prop

Prop code: SCN216 - Miami Beach Sign

Prop code: FIF12 - Giant Milkshake Prop

Prop code: AMR23 - Giant Coca Cola Bottle Prop

Prop code: AMR21 - Hot Dog Stall