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Top Themes for 2017, available from Event Prop Hire, York


If you're planning an event this year, whether it's a themed party, a summer ball or an exhibition stand and you need some inspiration, then we can help. Here are our predictions for the top 10 event themes for 2017.

Call our sales team to discuss your event requirements and we will help you to create an event to remember.

Sherlock Holmes banner

Finally, they're back and not just on our TV screens but in a cinema near you for a feature length special too! Celebrate in style and re-create the shabby Victorian comfort of Baker Street, choosing from our range of traditional furniture including tables, chairs, wingback armchairs or chesterfield seating. Use one of our traditional 'olde englande' pub frontages to enhance your setting and select from a range of authentic props such as a violin, a traditional gramaphone, grandfather clock or an antique globe.

Baywatch banner

With the long anticipated release of the new Baywatch film, we can't wait to see the return of The Hof and Pamela and are predicting that all things Californian and beach themed will be big in 2017. We can transform the dullest of spaces into a Baywatch set with everything from beach backdrops to bamboo drinks bars, palm trees to surfboards, driftwood furniture and laid-back seating options. And if it's entertainment you're after, we have a range of beach themed games from Limbo Poles to beach volleyball.

Beauty and the Beast Banner

Its going to be a busy year for Disney with Beauty and the Beast at the top of our list of must-see films for 2017. Take a look through our Beauty and the Beast fairytale range of props and scenery to re-create scenes from the film, including The Beast's castle. Our sales team can advise on effective ways to dress and decorate your event to create a memorable and magical fariytale experience.

Pirates of the Caribbean banner

Captain Jack returns!  We love a good pirate theme and this classic theme gets even darker this year, thanks to Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush!  You could create a fully decked out pirate ship with parrots, anchors, palm trees and treasure chests-ahoy resulting in a fully immersive swashbuckling adventure for your guests.


Superheroes continued! Take your pick of the new Marvel films - whether its the new Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor or Wonderwoman film, there's plenty of inspiration in our range of superhero props. You could create a stylish cityscape backdrop or an industrial wasteland zone worthy of Gotham city for your guests' superhero antics and don't forget to check out our range of life-sized characters which present photo opportunities to capture special memories form your event. And who doesn't love to dress up as their favourite superhero?!

Star Wars Episode VIII banner

Star Wars popularity continues and what a great theme for an event. Star Wars works for large scale events where you can develop a range of sets with themed seating and props whether its aboard the Sea Star in the Gruz harbour or the classic epic space opera sets of the intergalactic star fighers. Take a look at our range of Star Wars themed environments for inspiration to help you create an experience that's out of this world!

Larger than life Fairytale banner

Alice in Wonderland and it's many incarnations; Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Queen of Hearts and anything in between, remains ever popular and we can't help but admit we love all things fairytale. With the release of the new Smurfs movie it gives us another excuse to indulge! With giant toadstools, oversized flowers and colourful candy canes you can create a fantasy wonderland for your guests, or how about our magical storybook entrance or one of our range of colourful oversized chairs for seating areas that create a talking point and a photo opportunity in one?

Sci-Fi and futuristic theme banner

Sci-fi and supernatural promises to be big this year with the eagerly awaited release from the Alien team and wait for it - yes - a new Blade Runner movie! Fascination with all things futuristic looks set to remain so check out our range of sci-fi props which you can adapt to suit your event requirements, whether it's a futuristic style event with a steam punk twist or re-creating one of the classic inter-stellar stories. 

West World banner

The Wild West is set to go crazy this year due to the popularity of HBO's Westworld. If you're fans like us, you'll be counting down the days until the new series returns. If you haven't watched Westworld yet, watch it now, and give the original film a try too! You'll soon see why a Westworld theme could help create an event to remember. Our Wild West range is so extensive you could go to town with this theme - literally!

American Dream banner

We rather suspect that the spotlight will be shining on America this year so whether its inspired by the political stage or if The Man in the High Castle is on your watchlist, there are many reasons to have an American themed event. Whatever the cityscape, film, backdrop or era in American history you choose we can help you create an American inspired theme to remember. Select from our large range of iconic props and sets to help bring your event to life.